As the summer months begin to dwindle, do you feel like you maximized your potential this season in both the arduous beginning and the slower end we’re enduring now? Whether you’re in the thick of a packed calendar or in the middle of a lull, being able to spend your time wisely to prepare for what’s ahead is critical.

Refine, refine, refine

It’s unbelievable we already have a full first half of the year in the book. Now is the time to benchmark how much more revenue you need to meet your year-end goals. While meeting 2023 sales goals may not have been at the forefront of your team’s minds in the beginning of the year, they are certainly thinking about how to hit those goals as the months tick by.

How can you help your team accomplish their year-end goals? As we’ve mentioned before, spring was the time to take a deep look at your pricing and make proper adjustments before the year ramped up. The fall however should be used to refine your existing pricing structure and tweak your offers and promotions. If there were specific products or services your customers responded well to in the spring, those should remain intact for the remainder of the year. Does your company offer products that would be more popular or relevant in the fall and winter months? Those are the prices that likely need adjustments or promotions applied to going forward. 

Utilize technology and social media

It’s no secret that automated technology is a necessity in today’s world when it comes to business. In our industry, most customers are expecting a response time within an hour of reaching out. If you aren’t able to contact them that quickly, trust us, your competitors will. This response time is not always possible when your call center is handling a large volume of leads or in summer when you may be short-staffed due to vacations , but with an automated system you are eliminating the need for a human to always be on standby to answer an inquiry. Platforms such as The Hatch App are a great way to automate your marketing efforts and increase sales.

In addition to automated messaging, having someone interact on your social media pages is an easy way to organically grow your follower base. They should be checking messages and comments daily and re-sharing any relevant content your audience would resonate with. Doing so keeps your business’s name at the forefront of your audience’s feed. Afterall, you never know when one of your followers will reach out to become a customer.

Implement a proven leads strategy

If you haven’t done so already, creating a lead strategy with a proven lead generator could be the missing element needed to help your team close out 2023 stronger than ever. Working with a trusted partner, such as Home Appointments, who specializes in exclusive leads, helps your sales team have a far higher chance of closing each sale. We are thoroughly vetting each lead to make sure they’re serious about the project, which allows us to disperse only high intent, qualified leads to each of our partners. If this is the type of partnership needed to bring your sales to the next level, we are ready to chat. Contact us today to book a complimentary discovery call to get started.

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