Are your lead sources profitable? 

That can be a tough question to answer – especially if you use several lead sources.

Tracking your ROI for each lead source is critical.

But, if you’re like most contractors, you are probably not accurately tracking the ROI of every lead source.

Most leads you generate fall into one of 2 buckets.  

We’ll call them “Tagged” leads and “Untagged” leads.

  • “Tagged” leads – these are leads you “tag” in your CRM and know exactly which source they came from – (3rd party lead companies, PPC ads, referrals, etc)
  • “Untagged” leads – Leads where you are not exactly sure where the prospect came from (radio ad, TV, billboard, yard sign in their neighborhood). Often these leads have seen your company’s brand multiple times and you have name recognition with them.  

Measuring the profitability of untagged lead sources is difficult because it’s often impossible to determine which exact strategy compelled that lead to call you. 

But ‘tagged” leads are another story…  

You know exactly where these leads came from, and how much each one cost you.

Down to the penny.

And successful contractors take tracking to the next level using sales data.

You should be using sales data to make lead buying decisions — And sharing that data with your lead sources to improve lead generation funnels.

The result: you end up buying more of the leads that are profitable and less of the ones that aren’t. 

That raises your ROI and helps you keep only the most consistent and profitable sources.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your leads can be more profitable, schedule a call with us today.

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