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Contractor Sales Team
Mike Symonds
Mar 20, 2023
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Why Aren’t You Closing More Leads? A Guide to Understanding Consent-Based Marketing

There are plenty of strategies to bring customers to your business. From social media awareness to mailers to television ads and third party leads, it may feel like the well is perpetually full. After all, more exposure has to be better, right?  Unfortunately, there are some marketing “strategies” that have given the contractor industry a […]

Lead generation world san diego
Mike Symonds
Feb 15, 2023
Contractor Marketing Exclusive Leads Rev Share Sales Sales Team

Hot Industry Topics 2023: The Revenue Share Model

In January, co-founders Matt Burkinshaw and Mike Symonds attended the 2023 Lead Generation World conference in San Diego, California to meet, network and speak to partners and clients in the industry. One topic that was hot on everybody’s mind was the “revshare” or the revenue share model for buying and selling home services leads.  The […]

marketing technology partnerships
Mike Symonds
Jan 04, 2023
Automation Lead gen Marketing Sales

How and Why Our Team Creates Successful Business Partnerships to Benefit our Clients

No matter who you decide to partner with for your business – from information technology to marketing – the type of business partnerships you create speaks volumes about how you run your business. That’s why our team thoroughly vets the companies we work with to provide solutions for our clients. Not only is it important […]

sales goals
Mike Symonds
Dec 14, 2022
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

How Are You Measuring Success?

Tips on how to use Data Science to inform Your Lead-Buying  We are closing in on the end of 2022 which means you’ve probably finished (or at least started) your 2023 planning. You’ve reviewed your goals for 2023. Maybe you’ve even created a 6-point plan on how to reach those goals. As part of that […]

Exclusive Contractor Leads
Mike Symonds
Nov 01, 2022
Contractor Marketing Exclusive Leads Marketing Sales Sales Team

The Fall Season is Almost Over: Making the Most of Your Year-End with Exclusive Leads

Daylight is burning out on the fall season as Thanksgiving approaches. This is not the time to stick with your usual marketing and sales strategies.  All year, our team encourages clients to have multiple lead channels to support their sales and marketing. And while we stand by our recommendation to utilize both exclusive and shared […]

contractor and homeowner
Mike Symonds
Oct 10, 2022
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Contractor Checklist: Are You Chasing the Right Leads?

It’s not news to you or your sales team that this time of year is abundant with leads. But what happens when you have too many leads without a quality check? More is not always better, and that’s especially true when managing your team’s time while sourcing for the best – and most profitable – […]

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