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Exclusive Contractor Leads
Mike Symonds
Nov 01, 2022
Contractor Marketing Exclusive Leads Marketing Sales Sales Team

The Fall Season is Almost Over: Making the Most of Your Year-End with Exclusive Leads

Daylight is burning out on the fall season as Thanksgiving approaches. This is not the time to stick with your usual marketing and sales strategies.  All year, our team encourages clients to have multiple lead channels to support their sales and marketing. And while we stand by our recommendation to utilize both exclusive and shared […]

contractor and homeowner
Mike Symonds
Oct 10, 2022
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Contractor Checklist: Are You Chasing the Right Leads?

It’s not news to you or your sales team that this time of year is abundant with leads. But what happens when you have too many leads without a quality check? More is not always better, and that’s especially true when managing your team’s time while sourcing for the best – and most profitable – […]

Contractor Marketing
Mike Symonds
Sep 12, 2022
Automation Lead gen Marketing Sales

6 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Potential During the Fall

The busy fall season is upon us, and we understand how important it is to maximize every bit of your calendar so that you – and the business – are working most efficiently. And although you may not be thinking about keeping your team busy right now, the slower winter months will be upon us […]

New sales opporunity
Mike Symonds
Jul 12, 2022
Lead gen Sales

Same lead, new opportunity

We often see leads come through for clients where the contractor’s response is, “But we already have this contact in our CRM.” To which our response is, “Great! Now you know they need your help again!” Usually when we see a new request for services from an old lead it means: They have a new […]

sales mindset
Mike Symonds
Jun 16, 2022
Lead gen Roofing Sales

Your leads are only as good as your sales mindset

I was talking with a client the other day (I’ll call him “Joe” – not his real name) who owns a regional exterior remodeling business in the Northeast. Joe told me his salespeople were complaining about the quality of the leads he was buying.  But, when Joe went out and ran some of the same […]

Mike Symonds
Jun 14, 2022
Contractors Lead gen Sales

3 Strategies for Contractors to Increase Close Rates on Unbranded Leads

Unbranded leads are a necessary part of every growing contractor’s marketing strategy. Closing them can be a challenge and this article will give you some strategies to help. We would all love it if every one of our sales prospects was a rock-solid referral from a trusted source. One who comes to us with full […]

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