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Mike Symonds
Sep 21, 2023
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Building a Successful Sales Team During an Uncertain Economy

Nationwide, the state of our economy remains a topic of conversation when forecasting for the future. It’s no secret that higher costs of living and interest rates both play a big factor. But should this stop us from pursuing leads? Absolutely not. While it may require more hands-on training, instilling in your sales team the […]

Mike Symonds
Jul 27, 2023
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

How have you spent your Summer vacation? Get Ready and Make the Most of Fall with These 3 Tips

As the summer months begin to dwindle, do you feel like you maximized your potential this season in both the arduous beginning and the slower end we’re enduring now? Whether you’re in the thick of a packed calendar or in the middle of a lull, being able to spend your time wisely to prepare for […]

sales team
Mike Symonds
Jun 05, 2023
Automation Lead gen Marketing Sales

3 Steps to Survive Slow Periods and Build Momentum for Your Next Busy Season

Renownedly, July and August have proven to be slower months of the year in the home renovation industry. This break between the spring and fall busy seasons is primarily due to the summer winding down – families tend to take vacations and start gearing up for the start of the school year. Right now, contractors […]

Contractor Marketing
Mike Symonds
May 27, 2023
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Why Buy From a Boutique Lead Aggregator?

If you were to ask five lead buyers what they think of lead aggregators, you’d likely receive five very different answers. Each answer will depend on who they’ve worked with and what the results were. Some aggregators focus on quantity – both in the number of sources they use and selling in volume. They use […]

Spring Busy Season
Mike Symonds
Apr 24, 2023
Automation Marketing Sales Sales Team

7 Tips For Surviving the Busy Spring Season

With tax return money in play and warmer weather finally here, the spring season serves as one of the busiest times of the year for most contractors. Due to an increased amount of pressure to keep up with packed schedules, keeping a formal process in place should be a top priority to ensure things run […]

Contractor Sales Team
Mike Symonds
Mar 20, 2023
Lead gen Marketing Sales Sales Team

Why Aren’t You Closing More Leads? A Guide to Understanding Consent-Based Marketing

There are plenty of strategies to bring customers to your business. From social media awareness to mailers to television ads and third party leads, it may feel like the well is perpetually full. After all, more exposure has to be better, right?  Unfortunately, there are some marketing “strategies” that have given the contractor industry a […]

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