Nationwide, the state of our economy remains a topic of conversation when forecasting for the future. It’s no secret that higher costs of living and interest rates both play a big factor. But should this stop us from pursuing leads? Absolutely not. While it may require more hands-on training, instilling in your sales team the mindset that a great team can beat a bad economy will help everyone continue to meet the goals set out in the beginning of the year.

When salespeople stop blaming the economy for a decrease in revenue, it’s amazing the results you begin to see. By working both smarter and harder, sales will start to increase. You may have heard the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out.,” whether we like it or not, our brains are similar to computers and the more negative information we digest, the more we expel. With a positive outlook, you are better able to build value around your product and/or service which helps ward off any price objections. 

We’re seeing most of our clients’ top priorities revolving around training, researching, and learning how to better their sales teams. Afterall, a strong sales team is key for the growth and success of any business. So how do we do this?

Economy vs. Sales Mindset

When whispers of a bad economy make their way through the office, many salespeople start to get in their heads. This mindset is a surefire way to blow up any current and future deals. How can they focus on the opportunities at hand when they’re so focused on the obstacle? Although we hate to see this, it’s not all that uncommon. Self-doubting salespeople will begin to give bad deals and steep discounts. They start to make assumptions about every buyer and their pain points rather than understanding how to work around them.

By role-playing sales scenarios with your team, you are able to prepare them for any potential buyer objections they may come across. You can help reshape their pessimistic approach to be far more solution-oriented. Make them start to think, “how will your business’s product and/or service resolve your clients’ pain points?”

Confidence is Key

How do we keep the sales momentum going even during uncertain times? The answer is simple: we need to reframe our sales team’s mindset to exude confidence. A confident sales person in our industry knows that homes still need renovations. Afterall, a leaking roof or a broken HVAC are common problems for homeowners that require immediate repairs (whether the economy is good or not). 

The reality is your sales team needs to help a potential buyer understand that economic cycles will always come and go, and even when it may seem like the floor is falling out from under them, it usually isn’t. In this industry, people will continue updating their homes to increase their value all while making them more comfortable to live in. With higher interest rates, many people are putting off moving up to a larger home and are concentrating on improving the one they have. They still make purchases when they feel the value is worth it, and a confident salesperson is able to successfully close those sales.

How Home Appointments Can Help

The Home Appointments team has been in your shoes before with years of experience being sales trainers. Not only do they speak the language, they also understand the pain of treading water during a challenging economic time. When partnering with Home Appointments, you can rest assured you are working with a company who has had exposure to all facets of the sales process. If you’re ready to collaborate, let’s schedule a discovery call to learn how we can help. 

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