Even some of the largest contractors get desperate for leads.

Here’s what won’t get you on-demand quick results:

  • Website SEO
  • Referral relationships
  • Radio and TV campaigns
  • Print ads and signs

One great way to get leads quickly is through targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc…

Digital Ad Campaigns have a number of advantages:

  • Offers tailored to your business
  • Targeting directly to your ideal audience
  • Exclusive, higher intent responses
  • Brand recognition

There are some drawbacks to running ads yourself. They can be very expensive.

You’ll need…

  • People – Staff or an outside agency with expertise developing campaigns, generating content and graphics and ad management
  • Technology – Software tools to develop and refine your buyer journey that converts visitors into prospects
  • Time – To gather data and optimize results
  • Lots of Cash – Advertising Budget – pay as you go – no results guaranteed

There’s an alternative approach…work with a Performance Marketing Company.

A performance marketing company already has a team in place…

…Who has already done the research…

…Has spent the time to test and optimize their campaigns

…Is spending their money on advertising

You just buy their results (without all the risk).

We do this for contractors. If you are interested in learning more about how we can generate leads for you on a performance basis, schedule a call with us today.

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