Contractors we talk to are tired of buying leads who expect something for free. 

Or are just tire-kicking. 

Or were tricked into giving their contact information.

Successful contractors want to talk to prospects with High Intent who

…Actually are looking to get a project done in the next 3-6 months

…May need financing. But they are NOT looking for something for free – for example, they’re not looking for the government to pay for the project or to win a lottery

…Are ready and willing to sit down and discuss their project and receive a proposal.

We aren’t saying every single one of our leads check every one of those boxes (we aren’t wizards). But a lot more than your average lead factory.

Here’s how we maximize the intent for every lead:

#1 Real-time Homeowner-initiated leads – We don’t cold call homeowners and bully them into saying yes to get us off the phone. Or re-sell old lead data. Every lead we generate is a real-time inquiry initiated by the homeowner (e.g. Google search, social media).

#2 Real offers based on actual homeowner concerns  – Our advertising campaign offers focus on real concerns homeowners have about their project. Such as, will the contractor stand behind their work? How do they pay for it? We address those concerns with real offers like No-interest Financing, and Warranties (where appropriate and approved by the client). We steer clear of fake offers like “you may qualify for a government program”.

#3 We qualify our leads. Not every person we reach becomes a lead. Every lead has to answer a multi-question survey about their project. We only pass through those that qualify according to each client’s criteria.

Are you sick of talking to homeowners who have been tricked into talking to you?

Our approach is simple. We target homeowners who want to have a project done and we offer to put them in touch with a contractor who can help. No hidden tricks.

If you want leads that actually intend to get work done, let’s schedule a call to see if we have leads in your area.

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