If you were to ask five lead buyers what they think of lead aggregators, you’d likely receive five very different answers. Each answer will depend on who they’ve worked with and what the results were. Some aggregators focus on quantity – both in the number of sources they use and selling in volume. They use their fail-safe systems and lead auditing capabilities to keep out bad leads. Other aggregators focus on tightly managing a smaller number of sources at a lower lead volume to ensure the lead sourcing itself is up to par. Both approaches can work but each are only as good as the companies who execute on them. The approach that’s the best fit for your business is up to you. At Home Appointments, most of our clients use a mix of both.

What Does a Lead Aggregator Do?

In our world of lead generation, aggregators gather and sell leads from multiple sources and campaigns to the home services industry. Leads are interested homeowners who are looking to put money into a renovation project. These campaigns are commonly generated using a variety of strategies including organic search (such as Google and Bing ads), organic site traffic, and social media ad campaigns. 

When partnering with a lead aggregator, you are able to enjoy the fruits of their experience working with multiple different media buying teams in a variety of mediums. Some lead generators are better with social ads, some with Google ads and others do better with content-based campaigns. With an aggregator, contractors get access to the best of all those lead generators while dealing with only one point of contact. Not only are they typically cost effective (think, less wasted time on testing multiple lead sources), they are able to expand your company’s lead buying options exponentially. Lead aggregators take the heavy lifting off your plate, which allows you more time and energy to devote to following up and closing sales from the leads you’re given.

Different Types of Lead Generators

As lead aggregators, we deal with small lead generators, small media buying teams, and large aggregators. There are many differences between the three and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Small media buying teams are usually experts at targeting specific audiences with specialized ad strategies. The risk is that if their approach starts to go bad (it happens – campaigns can stop producing results for any number of reasons) they then have to rebuild their campaigns from scratch. The end result is significant time lost which always ends up costing the client.

Large aggregators may sound compelling because of their diversity of being able to serve anybody. However, that model tends to focus on satisfying their endless demand to meet their large budgets. With the nonstop need to serve an abundance of clients, they often buy leads from anybody who can generate them. This can lead to unauthentic data and stale or poorly generated leads. Large aggregators will often prioritize quality over quantity due to their heavy demand. A smaller agency is less focused on meeting endless demand and more focused on keeping their clients happy with quality leads.

This brings us to our last type – which is a small aggregator. This is the sweet spot in which Home Appointments falls into. As a small aggregator, we generate leads from many sources, including our own campaigns. We then gather data from our clients on how many leads become appointments and sales. By comparing our data across multiple markets, sources, and campaigns, we’re able to determine what works and what doesn’t for each client more quickly and efficiently than if we were only able to test a few campaigns at a time. This allows us to optimize lead performance and return on investment for our clients to get them the best results.

How Home Appointments Can Help You

At Home Appointments, we pride ourselves on our ability to remain authentic to the clients and partners we carefully choose to work with. The leads we provide our clients are always backed by thorough data analytics. A successful lead aggregator business model entails collecting data from multiple campaigns – not just the ones we’re running. Because our leads are generated from a proven source with a track record of hitting your target ROI, it allows us to strongly focus on selling quality over quantity.

If this is the type of strategic partner you’re craving, we’d love to discuss our approach in more detail. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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