Are your lead sources profitable? 

That can be a tough question to answer – especially if you use several lead sources.

Which is why we make that as easy as possible with our systems. 

When we work together, here’s how we stay focused on your ROI: 

Step 1: Turn on High Intent, Exclusive Leads – We use digital marketing campaigns (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc) that target homeowners actually looking to get work done on their homes. Not looking for a free handout or tricked into giving up their information for some “special program” or “Win a free  ___ Now!!”. We turn those campaigns on in your target zips. Within 2-3 weeks, we’re generally able to align lead volume with your desired number of weekly leads needed to fill open calendar space.

Step 2: We use your Data to Dial-in lead quality – We place our leads directly into your CRM so that you can easily track how we are performing and let us know when you make an appointment, do a demo, submit an estimate and make a sale. We can extract all of that information back into our system and match your results with the campaign that produced each lead. 

Step 3: We tune it in and turn it up – We analyze your lead data constantly to figure out which campaigns produce the best opportunities for you to make money and make adjustments to improve your bottom line results. Then we turn up the volume on the campaigns with the best results and dial back the ones that aren’t working as well.

Our clients receive a high-touch, personalized experience. There’s no need to submit a “support ticket” or talk to a chat-bot to get an answer or an update on your account. 

You will work directly with a dedicated human (US-based) account manager with a direct phone number who actually responds to you and cares about your success.

If you think our program would be a good fit for you, let’s talk – schedule a call with us today.

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