We often see leads come through for clients where the contractor’s response is, “But we already have this contact in our CRM.”

To which our response is, “Great! Now you know they need your help again!”

Usually when we see a new request for services from an old lead it means:

  1. They have a new project
  2. They have the same project – but they haven’t had the work done yet for some reason (cost, cash flow, timing…whatever)

If the lead is already in your CRM, maybe you talked to them before or maybe you didn’t. Maybe they thought they already had the right solution or maybe you were the 4th contractor to call them that day. Maybe you had a sales call and it just didn’t end up in a sale at the time.

Treat every new lead (whether it’s actually a new contact or not) as a new opportunity to make a first impression. 

Just because your team keeps sales notes for every lead you’ve ever talked to doesn’t mean your prospects remember every contractor they’ve ever talked to.

Maybe they’ll say “I remember you – I don’t want to talk to you again”. If that happens – try to engage them in a conversation of why they weren’t happy with the first interaction and see if you can turn that around (like with any sales rehash).

Just because you didn’t sell them before doesn’t mean you can’t sell them now.

Don’t assume anything.

  • Their circumstances may have changed from the last time you talked
  • They may have gotten a better job or their credit improved
  • They could have inherited money
  • The timing may be better to get the work done
  • They may have hired another contractor and they couldn’t get the job done

Go through your normal sales discovery process – if they raise the prior interaction then deal with it. If not – it doesn’t really matter – all that matters is the opportunity in front of you right now.

Chances are the lead will also treat your call like the fresh opportunity it is.

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