How often do you talk to a lead or sit down with a homeowner and they say something like..

”I thought this was going to be paid for by the ________ program”?


“I’m calling about the free_______”

A lot of contractors buying leads generated using tricks that make the prospect believe that either they are getting something for free or that someone else is paying for it.


They use language in their ads or landing pages like…

  • “You may QUALIFY for a new  _______!!!”
  • “See if your zip code is ELIGIBLE for a new  _______!!!”
  • “Call now about the new _______ PROGRAM in your area!!!”

Fill in the blank with your service.

The crappy RESULT you end up with is…

The leads you’re buying are homeowners who believe they may win something…

…Or get something for free.

…Or that a government “program” will pay for the project.

Ultimately, you end up burning through a lot more leads to get to actual qualified buyers.

What successful contractors want are more homeowner leads with actual INTENT to BUY the services they offer.

Homeowners who expect to pay real money. Out of their own pocket. Or with financing they have to qualify for and repay.

Our lead generation campaigns use honest, factual messaging that targets and appeals to homeowners who are actually searching for a contractor to do a project in their home – not for free, but for a fair price. No tricks. No deceit.

If you want more high intent leads, let’s schedule a call to see if we have leads in your area.

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