COVID changed the landscape of door to door sales dramatically, leaving many home improvement service providers looking for new ways to generate leads.

Some homeowners stopped answering their door. Some towns and neighborhoods banned canvassing all together.

That’s what brought a large regional roofer in the Pacific Northwest to reach out and work with us at Contractor Kings.

The Challenge –

For years they had relied primarily on canvassing to open doors. With COVID turning off the faucet of leads they built their business on, they were scrambling to find a solution. Their sales team was getting frustrated, and they needed to find a way to pack their calendars with high-quality opportunities.

Our Approach –

Since they were new to buying 3rd party leads, the first thing we did was help them set up a system for receiving new leads.

Next, we turned on the digital faucet and started sending them a steady stream of high-intent leads in their area.

Meaning, the leads they received were homeowners interested in buying their services, knew their salespeople were coming and welcomed them in the door.

Results from two months of their busy season in 2021

  • Total Revenue: $281,162
  • Appointment Close Rate: 31%
  • Marketing Cost: 5.4% of revenue

Even as restrictions have loosened, this regional roofer has chosen to stick with high-intent, 3rd party leads due to the efficiency and profitability of what they are receiving.

If you want more high intent leads for your company, then let’s hop on a quick call to see if we can help.

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