No matter who you decide to partner with for your business – from information technology to marketing – the type of business partnerships you create speaks volumes about how you run your business. That’s why our team thoroughly vets the companies we work with to provide solutions for our clients. Not only is it important to us how well our partners conduct business, but it’s also important to our clients (or should be!). That’s because you only get good out when you put good in. And in the world of lead-buying, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for “leads agencies” to fake data and/or provide low-quality leads to their customers. 

Why Good Partnerships Matter to Us 

At Home Appointments, integrity is at the heart of our business. We know that “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.” Some agencies (and maybe you’ve worked with them) will promise high-volume leads – but are they the right leads? We’ve seen it before: clients come to us with these all too common issues

  • People don’t answer the phone 
  • People aren’t sure who you are or why you’re calling 
  • People can’t afford or don’t need your service 

Although this can happen with any lead source (no lead source is 100% perfect), our goal is to limit the number of bad leads. We do this by seeking out the best technology and tools to ensure the quality and intent of our leads. Our goal is to support a long-lasting partnership with you – our client – where there is mutual respect and support. That’s why we develop relationships with our partners that mirror our commitment to quality leads while providing the highest level of customer service to our clients. 

Why Good Partnerships Should Matter to You!

As we head into a new year and Spring is just around the corner, your lead volume will undoubtedly increase. And with a heavier volume of leads, your sales team will be more efficient (and happier) with their time when they are working with exclusive leads. Our goal is to eliminate a bad lead before it gets to your call center. When we partner with businesses that share our same philosophy, we feel confident that every aspect of the service we provide meets our standards – and in turn, solidifies a long-lasting and trusting partnership between your business and ours. You can be assured that your marketing agencies are doing their due diligence before the lead even gets to your door. 

Meet our Newest Partner

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ActiveProspect which will allow us to enhance our services to our clients while maintaining the core values of our team. You may already be familiar with ActiveProspect because they keep you from acquiring duplicate leads. We chose this partner based on their process and core values which mirror ours – as well as their philosophy that good knowledge is worth sharing. They provide resources to help anyone (not just their clients) make informed decisions. 

Some fun facts about ActiveProspect you may or may not have known: 

  • ActiveProspect is a key sponsor of the Lead Generation World Conference (Home Appointments will be there January 8-10 – come say hi!) 
  • Active Prospect is a tool Home Appointments uses in-house to validate our leads
  • Active Prospect focuses on providing “consent-based marketing” (Basically, your lead will actually want to talk to you!) 

The ActiveProspect team has a highly technical process for providing quality leads to its customers. It’s a process that is similar and supportive of the same vetting we do at Home Appointments. They use technology to validate that a lead is an actual person as well as validate the integrity of the data behind the lead. 

No matter who you work with for your leads, ensure that they have the integrity and credentials to back up their claims. In today’s highly digital world, you should not be filtering through bad leads. If you hear a lead say, “Who are you?” or “Why are you calling me?” that’s not a good sign. They’re not in the market to purchase what you are selling, and – almost worst of all – you’ve used up some of your sales team’s limited time to contact a bad lead. It’s the beginning of a frustrating trickle-down effect, and we all know where it will land (your bottom line). 

If you’re ready to work with a multi-layered and highly successful leads agency that shares your goals – contact us today.

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