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campaign optimization
Mike Symonds
May 18, 2022
Lead gen

How we optimize campaigns for client ROI

Are your lead sources profitable?  That can be a tough question to answer – especially if you use several lead sources. Which is why we make that as easy as possible with our systems.  When we work together, here’s how we stay focused on your ROI:  Step 1: Turn on High Intent, Exclusive Leads – […]

first impression
Mike Symonds
May 11, 2022
Automation Digital marketing Lead gen

How Quick is Your First Impression?

You only get ONE chance to make a 1st impression. Unless you don’t even get that. Some prospects find you through your branded ads, your social media or a google search that leads directly to your website.  Those leads already have a first impression of your business when they hit your system.  They already made […]

Mike Symonds
May 10, 2022
case study Contractor Marketing Lead gen Roofing

West Coast Roofer Adds Exclusive Leads to Get into More Homes (case study)

COVID changed the landscape of door to door sales dramatically, leaving many home improvement service providers looking for new ways to generate leads. Some homeowners stopped answering their door. Some towns and neighborhoods banned canvassing all together. That’s what brought a large regional roofer in the Pacific Northwest to reach out and work with us […]

Mike Symonds
Apr 27, 2022
Lead gen

What you need to know about “High-Intent” leads

How often do you talk to a lead or sit down with a homeowner and they say something like.. ”I thought this was going to be paid for by the ________ program”? or  “I’m calling about the free_______” A lot of contractors buying leads generated using tricks that make the prospect believe that either they […]

Mike Symonds
Apr 19, 2022
Lead gen

Contractors: Here’s how you can get results fast

Contractors don’t call us when they are looking for long-term marketing strategies like SEO or TV ads. Contractors call us when they need leads quickly.   …And when they have openings in their sales team’s calendar they need to fill.  …Or their manufacturer is giving them incentives to move product …Or the end of the quarter […]

lead buying cheat sheet
Mike Symonds
Apr 12, 2022
Lead gen

Cheat Sheet for Buying 3rd Party Leads

You know your business. You’re a professional contractor.  Selecting the right lead generation partner is an important part of your business. But it’s not something you do every day. Most successful contractors go through a lot of different lead providers. Some are successful, and many are not.  But how do you know which one is […]

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