Are you tired of the heavy competition that comes with buying shared Home Advisor leads?

That’s how a shared lead works… and how a lot of companies try filling their sales team’s calendars.

But here’s the problem – a shared lead means your salesperson may be the third truck in the driveway that day…

That means they’re dealing with a tired, frustrated, confused homeowner who, ”…just wants to get the work done with no hassle at a fair price.” 

A grumpy homeowner is hard to close. 

And a frustrated sales team doesn’t hit their numbers. 

Luckily, there’s a better way. It’s ditching the shared leads for Exclusive, High Intent Leads.

When you’re filling your calendar with exclusive, high-intent leads, you’re NOT dealing with homeowners who are being slammed with calls and texts from 4+ contractors.

You’re NOT dealing with homeowners who are getting 4+ quotes, with no idea how to tell them apart except by price.

When you have a high quality, exclusive lead source, your salesperson gets the prospect’s undivided attention and the opportunity to sell your solution on its own merits…

Not by comparing your offer to other, often inferior products and services.

Are you looking for exclusive homeowner leads, with a high level of intent to hire a contractor?

We may have leads available in your trade and location. Testing a sample set is easy. 

If you’re interested, schedule a call and apply to see if you qualify for leads in your area.

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