Daylight is burning out on the fall season as Thanksgiving approaches. This is not the time to stick with your usual marketing and sales strategies. 

All year, our team encourages clients to have multiple lead channels to support their sales and marketing. And while we stand by our recommendation to utilize both exclusive and shared leads to fill the pipeline for your sales team, as we approach the end of the fall season this is a critical time for your sales team to stay motivated to reach their annual sales goals and to fill your calendar going into 2023.  

Prioritize Quicker Sales with Exclusive Leads 

With the holidays and year-end bonus time fast approaching, it’s not the time for volume-based strategies. Your team is looking to sell as many projects as quickly as they can. Yes, shared leads are cheaper. Yes, you get more swings of the bat with the same money. But more swings take more time and they don’t connect as often

Exclusive leads are exactly that – leads that are exclusive to you. It’s just basic math. When there is less or no competition for a project, your sales team has a higher chance to close. And if you’re working with a leads vendor that qualifies their leads – all the better. Qualified leads require homeowners to answer a multi-question survey about their project and are vetted to ensure they are serious about their project (in other words, not just looking for a free deal). 

Keep your Sales Team Motivated

The Harvard Business Review estimates annual turnover among U.S. salespeople runs as high as 27%, and a large portion of salespeople leave after receiving their year-end bonus. And when a sales team is already bogged down with too many lesser-qualified, more competitive leads they can easily become demoralized. 

When you provide a more efficient leads process with exclusive leads, you are building a more motivated sales team who will hopefully stay with you for the long term. With qualified, exclusive leads in hand, your sales team will be empowered to make more deals with less effort. They’ll be happier and your bottom line will be too.

Stand Out from the Competition 

For the most part, every contractor starts by selling essentially the same products and services (at least as far as the average homeowner with no construction experience knows).  According to a recent survey from Hubspot, 26% of 1,000 sales professionals polled said that “standing out from the competition” was their biggest challenge. 

Now is the time to check in with what your competition is doing for year-end and holiday promotions and make sure your messaging stands out. 

This time of year special offers can include:

  • “No payments until 2023”
  • Year-end inventory close-out pricing
  • “Install before the Holidays” pricing incentives
  • “Book now before pricing goes up in 2023”
  • First call closing discounts (where permitted)

All of these messages can be used to inject motivating feelings of scarcity and urgency to your sales process. This will lead to more one-call closes and quicker installs. 

Interested in learning more about qualified, exclusive leads? Book a discovery call with our team today before the end of the year, and you’ll be well-prepared for 2023. 

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