I was talking with a client the other day (I’ll call him “Joe” – not his real name) who owns a regional exterior remodeling business in the Northeast. Joe told me his salespeople were complaining about the quality of the leads he was buying. 

But, when Joe went out and ran some of the same leads himself, he was closing them at nearly 40%. And he was going behind some of the “bad leads”, rehashing the failed appointments and closing a good number of those too. 

So, what’s going on? Joe asked me.

Joe came to the conclusion that his sales team’s lack of confidence was the real problem. Lack of confidence that the homeowners would spend the money, that the company could source product at the cost they were quoting, and just a general pessimism about the industry and the economy.

Because of that they had negative thoughts in their head like “This is a lot of money – maybe we should discount this job more” or “Maybe I should give them more time to think about this before making such a big financial commitment.” Thoughts that can be death to a sales opportunity. 

If you aren’t confident in making a sale – then why should a buyer be confident they should buy?

My client didn’t have that problem – he’s a supremely confident business owner who knows the value of the services his company provides. He knows his clients need what he sells and that his team does a good job at a good value.

What’s the lesson? 

My client and his sales team were working with

  • The same leads
  • The same products and financial incentives
  • The same sales process. 

The only difference was confidence. His salespeople were letting outside influences get in their head and interfere with their process of helping a homeowner make a good decision. 

This summer you are going to hear a lot of negative news and forecasts about the economy, about the home services industry, etc, etc. etc… 

None of that matters because…

  • Houses still need new roofs and paint
  • HVAC units still need to be fixed when they break down 
  • Windows need to be replaced when they are worn out
  • Bathroom upgrades still raise the value of a home and make it more livable
  • And people still have money (it’s not 1933)

Mindset is important. Especially in sales.

Work with your salespeople to get the negative talk tracks out of their head. Role play sales scenarios with them so they are prepared to deal with market force homeowner objections and more importantly their own unstated objections. Get rid of the “head trash”.

Because the fact is, people are still going to buy. Good, confident salespeople are going to make those sales. Make sure they work for you.

And if you need good quality leads for them to run, let us know. You can set up an appointment to chat here.

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