Last season we were brought in by a large multi-state contractor with a $1M+ monthly marketing budget already in place.

The Challenge – 

The client already buys from most of the major national lead providers and runs their own TV, radio and digital ads.

Even with all that spend and a 30+ person sales team, they were still struggling to fill their calendars with high quality opportunities.

Our Approach – 

After carefully looking at their lead sources, there were several opportunities to add significantly to their lead volume without duplicating what they already were getting.

With that, we gave them a solution that used our exclusive lead funnels to capture additional market share (and fill their calendar).

Here are the results from their first 60 days:

  • Total Revenue: $465,668
  • Appointment Close Rate: 25%
  • Marketing Cost: 6.3% of revenue

Our ROI first approach prioritizes profit over volume, which is why our leads regularly outperform the “other guys” most contractors buy leads from.

If you need to fill gaps in your sales calendar, then let’s hop on a quick call to see if we can help.

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