Sometimes “stuff” happens in a contractor’s world. Supply chain issues. Labor issues. Sales team turnover.

All of these challenges can affect where you need leads and how many.

Recently, one of our larger clients came to us with a problem. Due to a sales team shortage they needed to change up their lead buying strategy until they could put a new sales class through training.

Here’s what the solution and early results look like:

The Client – A well-established multi-state contractor in the roofing and bath sectors with locations across 8 states.

The Challenge – Shifting budgets and Priorities. Because of sales capacity issues in roofing they asked us to move some budget to their bath department where they had capacity.

Our Approach – Quick Start Campaigns. We use multiple exclusive lead sources and channels. We were able to immediately tap into those sources to provide a steady stream of bath leads for the newly opened bath campaigns. At the same time, we placed a temporary hold on the roofing leads – but we can ramp those up again when the sales team is ready.

The Results – You’d think that with the quick starts and stops that ROI would be hugely affected…

However, we’ve done this before.

In our first week our new campaigns produced:

  • $42,851 in new closed business
  • $5,800 Investment
  • 12.3% total marketing cost

And that’s only Week One.

This client has worked with us for well over a year. They trusted us to deliver when they needed us. They are happy with our hands-on, data-driven approach and the relationship will only grow from here.

If this sounds like the kind of relationship you’d like to have with your lead vendors, let’s talk. Click here to schedule a call with us today.

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